Mold Inspection

Mold inspection

Mold Removal Is A 3-Step Process

mold removal is a 3-step processMold removal is a three-step process. First, it includes  the mold assessment phase to document the problem through an inspection as well as mold testing to assess the degree of mold contamination; second. the mold remediation phase to fix the problem; and, finally the post-remediation phase which insures that the mold remediation has been performed properly and the air quality is within the normal range.

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What Is A Mold Inspection?

what is a mold inspectionA mold inspection is a visual and non-intrusive inspection of a building performed by a licensed mold inspector, also known as a mold assessor.   The purpose of a mold inspection is to identify and to document any red flags that are present or conditions that could lead to mold growth.  If a mold contamination is found, the mold inspector will formulate a hypothesis about its origin, so that he can outline solutions in his mold inspection report.

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Useful Mold Inspection Flowchart

Mold Inspection Process

The following flowchart is an example of a mold inspection process which entails a process from the time a mold problem is discovered or suspected, to the process of testing, and in some cases mold remediation is necessary, followed by post-remediation testing.

SCENARIO – Occupant experiences allergies. He reports a musty odor in the house and requests a mold inspection.

MLS = mold-like substance
Mold inspection = performed  by a licensed mold inspector or mold assessor
Mold remediation = process of mitigating a mold problem performed by a license mold remediator
Mold remediation protocol = set of instructions written by a mold inspector/mold assessor for a mold remediator to safely mitigate a mold problem.
VOC = Volatile organic compound

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