Tips for Personalizing Your Rental Home with Vinyl Wall Quotes

A blank wall is full of possibility, but it is also a bit intimidating, especially if you're decorating on a budget. When you add in a landlord who hates paint and sees red at nail holes, creating a beautiful and inviting space can appear impossible. Thankfully, that's where vinyl wall quotes come in.

Wall quote decals come in all shapes and sizes. Some are several feet long, designed to be centered over a couch or a headboard. Others are designed to fit in a small entry way, over a baby's changing table, or above a washing machine. By carefully choosing a design for your space with a saying that's especially meaningful to your family, you can easily and affordably use vinyl wall quotes to decorate your home.

Wall quote decals are easy to apply and remove, causing no damage. If your lease doesn't allow for painting, or you own your own place, but don't want to go through the trouble, these decorations can be put up and taken down in just a few minutes. The result will look like hand painted calligraphy, made just for you.

You must start with a clean and dry wall, so you may want to wash the wall and come back a few days later. Then, once you decide exactly where you want it, remove the backing and press it gently to the wall using a flat surface such as a credit card. If you decide to remove it later, simply use a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive, start at a corner, and slowly peel the decal off the wall. Any leftover residue can be easily removed with soapy water or rubbing alcohol, although it is rarely necessary. 

Inspirational quotes and Bible verses are some of the most popular wall quote decals available. Using a saying that has special meaning for your family is a great way to remind everyone of your goals as well as give your home a unique touch. Whether the goal is to remember your faith or remember to laugh, writing it on the wall will definitely help keep it in everyone's mind.

Some vinyl wall quotes are tailored for one specific area, and can be inspirational, funny, or just informative. Decorative labels in various languages, such as "laundry room" or "le toilette," often add a bit of charm to rather plain and functional places. Kitchen quotes are also very popular.

For the most personal vinyl wall quotes, companies encourage clients to request specially made designs featuring the family name. Last names and monograms are great for living areas, and designs such as "Welcome to the Smith's House" can personalize a friendly and hospital entry way. First names in cute fonts are also a great addition to any nursery, child's room, or play area.


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